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All Hail Web Dustin

Kansas City graphic designer Dustin Maberry has combined forces with Go! Go! Global Girls in the creation of our official website. Besides sharing his super skills in web design and telepathy, Dustin believes in our mission to save the world from Nuclear Meltdown. Actually, we haven't written that mission yet. But YES! Together we can do this. Thanks, Dustin!

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Missouri Mud Monster 

Declared Go! Go! Mascot

Hellbenders Not Typical Poster Children but Deserve our Love

Say hello to Bertha. 

Go! Go! Global Girls believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Bertha's kind of beauty just happens to snack on crayfish and breathe through its skin. Although she doesn't look anything like a panda bear, she does produce an enormous amount of slime when threatened--an admirable quality if you consider how effective snot is as a deterrent. 

In the wild, Bertha's type is the sensitive recluse who dwells under rocks and crawls out along the bottoms of streams at night. She is the giant wallflower at the dance who wears the strange but alluring dress covered in wrinkly, orange-brown ribbons. You know the one. Well those ribbons... those are her lungs. They run the length of her long, flat torso. If you draw them on a computer with a mouse, they may look like this:

Hellbenders have been around for over a hundred million years or practically forever. They are full of weird and ancient intelligence and therefore are the perfect mascot for Go! Go! Global Girls.  Look into her eyes and you will see how beautiful and sensitive Bertha is. We dream that someday soon her people get the love they deserve. By "soon," we mean before they disappear off the face of the planet. Biologists predict the Hellbender is doomed to extinction in as little as twenty years.

Hellbenders like Bertha live in only the cleanest fresh water streams. Because of this, they are considered an "indicator" species. For instance, the health of the Ozark Hellbender indicates the health of the humans and other animals who drink and live in the waters of Missouri streams. Like the 27,000 species that go extinct per year,* Hellbenders are affected by ridiculous amounts of pollution. Just recently, they were added to Missouri's Endangered Species RED LIST.

Animals placed on the red list are bound for global extinction.

For Bertha and all animals on the planet, Go! Go! Global Girls are determined to raise Hell... bender awareness. And not just because a lot of us are from Missouri, love animals or like coating ourselves in mud from the beds of streams. We also have been known to drink the water.
"What happens to the Hellbender, happens to us."
~ Shauna Schuette, herpetologist (amphibian scientist)
from the Hellbender Breeding Center at the St. Louis Zoo.
*Extinction rate published by Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson

Here's a video of other Red Listed people :( 

Compiled by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Arkive

Go! Go! Global Girls want to help these people.

Is there anything we can do?