Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Staff

Happy Saturday everyone!

I'm Anna Leach and I'd like to briefly introduce the Go! Go! Global Girls staff. We look forward to working and discussing with you all in the near future. 


Special powers: photographic mind-printing, flying

Favorite animals: elephants and pangolins*

Spy skills: photography, computer stuff, balloon animals, talking to strangers 


Special powers: psychic, sees ghosts, weird dreams, hair color changes at will

Favorite animal: fish

Spy skills: distraction, cartooning, zoning out into space during chaotic moments 


Special powers: playing dead, talking to mammals 

Favorite animal: lab rabbit

Spy skills: covert operations, recruitment, espionage 

- A

PS Don't forget, if  you've got a mission for the Go! Go!s, shoot us an email!

PPS A pangolin...